Bigger House?

I don’t live a fancy life style, I have absolutely no desire in me to have a face paced life packed full of fancy diners, expensive clothes, shiny cars, or a giant house with lots of room. So why do I constantly hear “You’re going to need a bigger house”?

Sure I have three small children, (two busy boys, one beautiful little girl, and our fur baby!) and at times our house feels very full, but that’s how I want it. We live in a 1200sq foot house, 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and a den. We have a modest back yard and live in a decent neighborhood. We bought this house when we had two children, knowing we were going to have more in the future. It was perfect back then and it still is!

So why do people feel that we should have a bigger house?

  • Each kids can have their own room
  • Your house wont be so cluttered
  • You wont be tripping over each other
  • You can have quiet time
  • Everyone can get away from each other

Why are we trying so hard to get away from other people? People we love, people we have created, people we have prayed for?

Before I was married I always wanting a partner and children. As humans we long for companionship, we don’t want to be alone. God made us to want and NEED companionship. So lets talk to each other, lets sit with each other, and why not enjoy each other.

Yes, it is loud at times, we are tripping over things, it feels like we are busting at the seams. There are times when I look around and feel like a bomb went off. Then I wonder if I had a bigger house if it would feel the same?

The world we live in has us always wanting more. It has us wanting bigger and better things. The world has us distracted from whats really important. Lets keep our focus on whats really important, and be content with what we have.

We bought a house that was a perfect space so we would have one living room, one common space for everyone to be together.  I enjoy watching my kids play, watching them laugh, and most of all I just enjoy being around them. We all know they grow up so fast, so lets take a minute and enjoy the simple things.

We don’t need a big house to be happy, I just look around me and have everything i need all in one room!